26 Apr 2019


Media department welcomes Dutch Ambassador

Media and Earth Science students yesterday welcomed the Netherland Ambassador H.E Ms. Ardi Stoios-Braken. The ambassador appreciated the warm welcome given by the Head of Media department Professor Dr. Siraj Khan.

Dr. Siraj in his welcome hoped that the ambassador will help develop links between the educational institutions in her country and Bahria University.

In collaboration with the Netherland embassy, a film “Thank for the Rains” on environment change was shown to the students to create awareness about the problems related to weather change.

The story of the film revolved around a village in Kenya which was badly affected by erratic rains making the villagers’ poor. Farmer Kasilu was the main hero moving around the village convincing people to plant trees and adapt according to the changing weather.

Kasilu ‘s hard life and his determination and disappointments at the Paris climate change conference and his desire to save the arid farmers is a convincing story. The students greatly appreciated the film and later during the discussion session engaged the ambassador in thought-provoking questions.

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