17 Jun 2019


Kim and Trump talks ?

Donald Trump and Kim Jong ’s rhetoric has pushed the Korean peninsula into a war environment, each one threatening the other of annihilation. The “my button is bigger than yours” speech has luckily dissipated with saner elements giving negotiations a chance in Stockholm the global peace centre.

Last week the North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho was seen in Stockholm. Analysts are speculating that the Korean might be there to negotiate the possibility of a US-North Korea summit happening soon. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump were reported to be on the path to see each other.

The Koreans have been under tremendous pressure due to Trump’s war rhetoric and sanctions. Due to its waning soft power, the US now relies mostly on brute military force and sanctions. Both options have failed miserably in the Korean Peninsula and in other parts of the world.

Washington should pursue a less belligerent policy and speak to the Koreans. Any attempt by the America and its allies to denuclearize North Korean or eliminate its ruling family will have devastating consequences for the people of both Koreas and America.

Pyongyang has plans to attack the U.S. overseas territory of Guam and now has missiles which can travel 6,500 kilometres to strike the US mainland. US troops stationed in Japan would be another easy target for Kim.

US, Korean war according to economists could plunge the US economy and consequently the world economy into depression. In their research paper, Capital Economics experts Gareth Leather and Krystal Tan claim that a full scale war will have “significant economic consequences”. The US is the world’s largest economy that accounts for 22% of the world GDP -any war would plummet the world economy too.

A meeting with even no agreement between Kim and Trump would be helpful to ease the tension. The Koreans had previously agreed to cap their nuclear program but later reneged on their promise. The American’s will have to have a very lucrative deal on the plate to convince the Korean leader to give up his main bargaining weapon.


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