19 Aug 2019


June & Exams

The exam week is coming soon as eid holidays end the exams will be staring us in the face. The number of students squatting and huddling in the corridors with photocopies, reading their summaries has suddenly jumped up like inflation.

Students can be seen exchanging notes and trying to grasp the last bit of information that would help them wade through this difficult week. Don’t worry it’s just a few days and would be gone like the wind.

A good review of important notes and chewing of important summaries at the last moment is very helpful for most students, even for those not so serious in their studies and think that passing the exam would be easy. This group of students also tries to play with luck by indulging in a last-minute review of notes and hence suffer from what experts say is “exams anxiety”.

It seems a few groups of students have mastered the art of passing exams without getting seriously involved in their studies – without suffering from any pre or post exam anxieties. These groups can be seen joking and enjoying in the corridors. What a wonderful sight to see happy people around when majority are just looking so serious, quiet and engrossed in books.

Studying in the last few days it seems does help some times but badly damages your chances to excel or get a good scholarship. Time management according to Dr. Uzma a psychologist is the key to achieving good marks and escaping the effect of negative anxiety. And if you have managed your time properly and stayed focused on your studies and yet have strange feelings days before the exams, then please don’t worry too much. It’s just positive anxiety and very normal says Dr. Uzma. This positive anxiety spurs you to study more and move away from what is not important, say like going to a fashion show or on a picnic with friends when the exams are about to stare you in the face.

Good luck with your papers and please don’t forget to share your experiences and do write a few lines for the Bahria University Tribune. Yes, it’s your newspaper and we all would love to know how you coped with your studies and exams in these hot days of June.

Your Editor

Shahzad Badar

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