20 Feb 2020


Job expo! What we need to improve – the corporate liaisons point of view.

By: Haleema Asad

BUIC- 24th of April Bahria University Islamabad Campus held a Job Expo at their Gymnasium. With about over more than 20 businesses and companies lining up to select and interview hopeful candidates for their future jobs. In addition, stalls were also set up for companies that inform students and graduate about jobs, internships and abroad education opportunities. The expo was open to all semesters and graduates. The response received by the business liaisons on the feedback provided by students and graduates was equally positive and negative.

While interviewing liaisons their first pointed out that they were very happy with the number of students flocking for jobs. Quoting Rida Javaid, liaison of Zones PK LLC, “ The response I received here is much better than the one I received at FAST University. I’m also very impressed with the communication skills of the students ”. However, from the majority of the liaisons, a negative response was received; they highlighted the English communication was a major problem for the student of Bahria University and that CVs provided were very weak and general. Moreover, they also pointed out that students and graduates both tend to exaggerate their level of skill that they are capable of.

Haitum Nauseq, a liaison from ‘Comma’ said “ Majority of students and graduates have no previous experiences in the field and demand too much. They do not have a realistic understanding of the market.” He further went on explaining that interviews are just a clichéd formality – a way to gather the most basic information on the hopeful future employee- the three to six months afterward- depending on the job, corporations or business- are the trial period in which hopefuls are tested on the skills they may have mentioned, or are required for the job. Based on the employees’ performance in these trials are they given the position or fired effective immediately. Asking him on the steps our University could take to improve students in these skills and field he replied “ A few classes, it won’t take much… A lecture or two with few practical tests per semester will help train students to better mold themselves to the market run world”.

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