21 Jan 2020


Hunarmand Jawan to get Rs 30 B for youth training

Prime Minister Imran Khan will launch the country’s largest-ever skilled development program ‘Hunermand Jawan’ today aimed at the emancipation of youth through quality professional training.

The program will be carried out in the next four years, costing 30 billion rupees and will facilitate youth through easy loans, professional capacity-building, start-ups, and internships.

In first phase, around 170,000 youth will be given professional skill-based training, of which 50,000 will be trained in areas of artificial intelligence, robotics, cloud computing and other advanced areas of technology.

Similarly, 50,000 youth will be given training at technical education and vocational training authority in conventional areas including auto-mechanics, plumbing etc., whereas twenty thousand youth will be given apprenticeship.

Around 75 smart classrooms will be set up to ensure easy access to skill and professional education besides the provision of such training at 70 Madaris.

Five centers of excellence will also be established under the program in collaboration with friendly countries.

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