19 Feb 2020


Happy New Year

Dear students,

A very happy new year to all of you. With the exams just hanging on your heads, its time to add a few extra resolutions to your new year’s list.

“Spend more time on studies and less on games and social media chats”. This single resolution will help you boost your marks and save you from the throes of exam anxiety and help you save time for focusing on your books.

With limited availability of time students need to save time and use it to focus on exam preparations.

Now about self-development, health is a prime issue. Keeping a healthy weight and regular exercise is another challenge that is worth taking seriously. We need to reduce weight and check our diet if we have put on more weight. Extra pounds of flesh makes us look clumsy and lazy- so lets move towardness smartness and tone our muscles.

Quitting tobacco is a must and never going near drugs should be on our list. Developing new skills would certainly help us improve our chances of hitting a good job and keep us busy in a positive way. Friends and families are more important than cell phones so plan one to one interactions with them and enjoy life.

You can keep adding more ideas to your resolution list but best is to keep a few resolutions and implement them in a SMART way.


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