26 Jan 2020


Gordon Ramsay in a Cooking Competition?


By Sarib Khan – BBA – 2(C).

What happens when the cooking maestro himself joins a cooking competition? Yes, you read that one right. Gordon Ramsay – widely known as the best chef in the World, recently ‘had to’ participate in a cooking competition, that took place in Malaysia. Did he win? You might be surprised to hear NO! Now, you must be wondering, who were his opponents? Well, not to sound funny or sarcastic, he was literally competing against 5 female chefs who he said were, “The country’s best female cooks”, and some of them were even housewives.

This whole competition was a part of Ramsay’s tour to Malaysia, which is called the “Malaysian Escape”. He stayed there for a week and it was brought to an end 2 days ago, followed by this surprising competition. The competition took place in the Berjaya Hotel that is located in Times Square, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Ramsay also told that the last cooking competition in which he partook was 28 YEARS BACK, in 1992! It’s not even surprising, as he has been a cooking expert for so long that even the modern-day experts look up to him as an epitome of perfection in cooking. Some even call him the ‘Sherlock’ of food.

He seemed very humble about the whole idea of competing but he was also seen saying, “I wouldn’t mind winning”, in a classic Gordon Ramsay style, of course. The participants were all required to make Coconut Rice as standard and 3 other dishes of their own choice. Ramsay decided to make – Chinese style Chicken Dish, Beef Rendang and an Indian style Prawn Curry.

Bad luck struck Ramsay during the whole cooking process and he had to face a major setback. His rice steamer (that was a thing, apparently) turned out to be faulty but he managed to ask for a new one and still be on time to present his dishes (that’s Gordon Ramsay for you). A panel of 5 Malay-Judges from the country’s most prestigious kitchens, announced the result and he managed to get a SECOND POSITION. Even being in a completely different country, compared to his home and cooking a completely different cuisine from his usual style, it was really amazing, the way he competed.

The winner of the event was a house-wife, Lin or Lean. To his surprise, Gordon Ramsay couldn’t help asking her, what was her secret? And she most humbly answered that whatever she cooks, she puts her heart into it and that is what makes it, so amazing. Now, you won’t understand this, unless you are a mother or someone cooking for a whole family. It’s all about putting your heart into it, enjoying it and not just putting ingredients in. While Gordon Ramsay seemed a bit stressed about the whole idea, she took the crown by enjoying it and having a laugh about it.


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