19 Aug 2019


From hooligans to murders


By: Haleema Asad, BSS-2

Recently in the city of Lahore, more than a dozen young men strapped with hot firearms rode across  Ravi road on bikes firing haphazardly recording their malfeasance as it were a game. Does this not eerily remind you of the previous recording presented of the terrorist attack in New Zealand that killed more than 50 and injured fairly the same amount of people? Later, another such terrorist attack occurred in a high school in Brazil where the students were assaulted as they ran for refugee. The students that were caught by the terrorist were brutally murdered and their dead bodies then mutilated at the very spot.

This lead to the death of one and injury of two others who dared to stare at the hooligans turned murders.

What is this new need of vocalization of their enormity? Is it to rile up or emotionally subdue the citizens? Or is it to show the lack of any sort of action on the part of the police force?

The Dolphin Force is an elite security unit of the Punjab Police that deals with street crime. It was launched by the Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif in Lahore and later in the five other major cities of the province. It, however, has shown to behave deplorably – shooting an intellectually disabled youth-, after the first few successful attempts to stop crimes – taking 10 men into custody and seizing 26 firearms, foiling a bank robbery saving 90 million rupees and 20kg gold.

So it does not come as much of a shock that during this event that the Dolphin force was found to be absent. However, I digress, as when we stop to lament about the Dolphin Force’s absence we wonder what the rest of the police force was off doing. Were they even informed about the crime being committed? Did the citizens even know how to contact the police force?


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