08 Dec 2019


Elan will come to Karachi

Possibly one of the most anticipated shop openings of the year will be that of Elan in Karachi. We can’t reveal too much about the new store right now but we do know that it’s a beautiful classic location where Khadijah Shah’s couture will be sharing space with jewelry by Sherezad Rahimtoola and artistic furniture by Yousuf Shahbaz.

Elan reaching out to Karachi makes sense, of course. The brand has long had a steady clientele within the city and it was about time that it extended herself beyond regular trunk shows to a proper shop in order to facilitate regular business.

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The Elan-Sherezad Rahimtoola combo is also bound to be a great one, given how well the jewelry tends to look with Elan bridal wear on catwalks.

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