26 Jan 2020


Donate Blood and Save Lives

Lives can be saved by donating just one pint of blood. Every person is said to have on average ten pints of blood and donating one pint will not have any negative effect on the body.  Donating blood twice a year is said to be beneficial for the body. Hardly one percent of the population is a blood donor in Pakistan creating shortages of blood in hospitals particularly during emergencies. According to WHO

Pakistan has a high burden of thalassaemia.  5000 children are born with thalassaemia each year and 70 000 patients are registered with the disease. Most services for these patients are provided by private blood transfusion services run by Fatimid Blood Transfusion Services and the Hussaini Blood Bank.

Over 90% of total blood transfused in Pakistan is donated by the friends and relatives of patients. According to WHO around 10%–20% of the blood supply is supplied by professional donors.  Blood donated by professional donors is risky as most of them are drug users. The inability of the blood banks to screen for HIV and other contagious diseases also creates great risks for the recipient.

To save lives it’s important that we all donate blood regularly so that professional donors who sell blood for drugs are phased out. Remember blood cannot be produced in laboratories so it’s necessary that we donate blood to keep our hospitals run smoothly.  Please share with us if you have a story related to blood donation. How were you able to save a life.

Your Editor

Shahzad Badar

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