17 Sep 2019




Web Report:

Friends of Environment  (FOE) is finalizing a mega plantation drive on this August 14,2018. They are finalizing their plan and working on fruit seeds collection project.

FOE wants to engage various stakeholders including government as well as NGOs etc to plant at least 100,000 (which may go as high as 1 M) fruit /general trees at a time throughout Pakistan just after National Anthum.

In this regard,Bahria University as one of their formal MOU Partners ,are joining them in this great cause.

We are engaging various teams of volunteers (50-100) in various teams of 3-4 students to each to collect fruit seeds from fruit stalls, juice shops, mega malls, restaurants,hotels etc.Process them into fruit seed balls.

Lastly to actively participate on August 14,2018 on all three stations.

All students/ faculty of Bahria university are welcome to join in this great cause by collecting fruit seeds from juice centres, home and malls/ restaurants etc and then report to Mr. Yousaf from Friends of the Environment on the following Number: ?0308 5205208?

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