26 Jan 2020


BU organises international conference on media and conflict

By Simran Shoaib

“President, Arif Alvi addresses students of BU at 1st ICMC 2019”

For the first time in the history of Bahria University, President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Dr. Arif Rehman Alvi visited the institution as the Chief Guest at the 1st ever International Conference of Media and Conflict, a project of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting on 26th February, 2019.

While addressing an audience consisting of International and National Delegates, journalists, panelists, peers and faculty of Bahria University, the President highlighted the dire need for media’s strategic implementation in handling narratives during this imminent time when Pakistan is facing a conflicting situation.

The president in his address mentioned the importance of media and its responsibility in having influential powers on the youth and audiences. Furthermore, he explained how in this time, ‘hysteria’ plays an important character, i.e. designed or created at the hands of certain driving factors like the government. It is the aim of these driving forces which create hysteria to influence and pressurize the public, “Hysteria of war is easy but dynamics of war are difficult”, the President said. This is the point where media plays its role in stepping in, by helping the public to differentiate in the biasness of the driving forces.

The president used this platform as an opportunity to voice Pakistan’s stance on the issue of conflict presiding at the moment as he declared that “Pakistan wants peace with India and that, “We have no intentions to harm any country and we know how to protect ourselves”.

The presidents’ enthusiastic approach towards the audience earned him roars of applause and much support showcasing their approval that indeed ‘the public wants peace’.


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