08 Dec 2019


Bread worth $1.5 billion goes waste daily in Turkey: study

Food waste is one of the most important issues the world faces today.

The idea of having more of everything leads to a great deal of food being wasted every single day while people in certain parts of the world live on the brink of starvation, Daily Sabahreported.

A recent study on data provided by Turkey’s Bread Producers Federation and various media outlets revealed that 12 million loaves of bread, which corresponds to $1.5 billion, are wasted in Turkey every day.

The data showed that Turkey’s bakeries are baking 120 million loaves of bread daily and 10 percent of the total production is wasted every single day. It turned out that bakeries wasted more bread while baking the loaves. On the other hand, houses and student and hospital cafeterias are the places where the most bread is wasted.

Food waste around the world could feed at least 2 billion people every year according to recent research. In fact, wasted food also results in significant economic losses.

Another study conducted a few months back shows that leftovers from every person lead to 114 kilograms (250 pounds) of wasted food annually in Turkey. If consumers were more aware of their shopping habits and the amount of food they put on their plates, all those hungry in the world could be fed with the one-quarter that the world simply throws away.

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