21 Aug 2019


Bismah ask PCB to end discrimination in salaries

AFTER pathetic performance in last year’s women cricket world cup, the girls in green came under severe criticism back at home which also led to replacement of their captain but since then hardly anyone bothered to address the root causes of their dismal performance. Indeed the green shirts have to their credits some major victories including the one against arch rival India in the International Cricket Council (ICC) T20 World Cup but time has come to take their cricket to a much higher pedestal that enables them to compete with world-class teams. This can only be achieved if they are also treated and provided remuneration equal to their male counterparts.
Team’s Captain Bismah Maroof on Saturday disclosed that she has been in talks with the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to address the significant gap between male and female players’ pay. It is surprising that our women cricketers are mere getting peanuts when compared with male cricketers or even with their female counterparts in other countries such as Australia and England. According to some estimates, male cricketers in Pakistan make nearly $77,000 per annum while women only make $12,000. Indeed the amount earned by male cricketers does not include what they earn from other sources such as advertisements and jobs with different enterprises. As also pointed out by Maroof, the pay gap is huge. Another problem is that they only get a daily allowance when playing a domestic game, and no match fee. Indeed the PCB will have to look after their female lot if it is really interested to promote and develop the potential of our girls in this particular field. Better pay package will definitely attract more girls to come to the ground and demonstrate their mettle. This will enable the PCB prepare a strong team to professionally face other top ranking teams. The PCB may take a guide from the Australian and British boards who have taken solid steps to improve their women’s domestic cricket. They are offering such remuneration package that women cricket is looked upon as a full-fledged career option for budding cricketers. We also have to provide our girls the best opportunities and training so that they could focus on their game and perform better at international level to earn laurels for the country.

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