17 Sep 2019





Bahria University Medical and Dental College and Altinbas University of Turkey have ensured educational and research collaborations with each other over the year. Earlier this year a delegation from Altinbas University paid a visit to BUMDC and conducted educational activities for students and faculty members and further encouraged future research collaboration between the two universities.

Purpose: The Aim of this visit was to learn about the integration and implementations of the dental curriculum, learning about their teaching system and methodology including their post graduate programs and finally to explore the possibility of future collaboration between Altinbas and BUMDC.

One of the possibilities discussed at earlier visits was research collaboration through Erasmus program which aimed at cross-border cooperation between countries to aid the growth of international studies. Dr. Shama Asghar, Head of Department Operative Dentistry BUMDC was selected by the Bahria University and Altinbas University to visit their university and conduct educational sessions for their students related to pediatric dentistry.

On arrival at the main campus of Altinbas University, Istanbul, Dr. Shama received a warm welcome from Miss Burca Atalay who was the Erasmus coordinator. She was briefed about the details of the Erasmus program at Altinbas university in detail followed by signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the University.

Dr. Shama was then given a visit to the Dental Hospital of Altinbas at Bakarkioy by the host Dr. Bugra where she was introduced to the dean of the hospital. She visited their hospital facility, libraries, phantom labs and prosthetic labs where students practice their clinical skills. The pediatric section was state of the art facility with pediatric ward; fully equipped operation theatre and kids play area.

In the evening Dr. Shama observed treatment of Dr. Bugra Ozen’s appointed Paedo patients at the university OPD.

The next day Dr. Shama conducted a Cased Based Learning Session with students doing MSc in Peadodontics on the topic of vital pulp therapy and dental caries. The session was of 4 hours and was very well received by the students and faculty.

Later in the evening, Dr. Shama visited their Animal center where a pilot study was being conducted on rats to test a few samples of herbal gels and their healing effect on mucosa. The facility was well equipped for scientific research and followed strict infection control protocols.

On the third day of visit, Dr. Shama delivered a lecture on vital pulp therapies to the third-year students of BDS at Altinbas University. The lecture was comprehensively prepared to cover the topic for better understanding of the students who appreciated Dr. Shama at the end of the well-presented lecture.

Dr. Shama also discussed the study curriculum of BDS program of BUMDC with Mr. Burga.

On the last day of visit, Dr. Shama had a meeting regarding further research collaboration with Prof. Dr. Feride Severcan who is professor in Faculty of medicine, biophysics, Assistant professor- Dr. Ayca Dogan Mollaoglue, Dr. Ceren Gedikoglu, and Mr. Abrar, Oric manager of Bahria University.

Future Collaboration:

* It was agreed that both the universities will tie together for non-funded cross-sectional researches.

* Every year the faculty of both the universities will deliver lectures to the students via Video Conference links to promote educational interaction.

* BUMDC also offered post graduate students of Altinbas to carry out their electives in Pakistan at BUMDC.

Dr. Shama was presented with an appreciation certificate by Dr. Bugra Ozen in a ceremony and was appreciated for her contribution to the university and welcomed her for future projects with Altinbas University.

In addition to the official visit, Dr. Shama was also hosted by the Altinbas university on lunches for exquisite Turkish cuisine and site seeing in the beautiful Capital of Turkey, Istanbul.

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