21 Jan 2020


About Us


Bahria University Tribune (BUT) the Bahria University’s very own e-paper is now ready to shine in every Bahria campus. BUT is another project of the Bahria media department which will enable the students to get the latest training in e-paper design, editing, blogging, investigative reporting, photography, and feature writing to produce an audience focused paper.

Bahria Tribune will provide the Bharia University media students a ready platform to practice the theoretical skills they learn over the years and convert information into hot news and interesting research articles under the supervision of our media experts.

Here they will learn to be the shining future of the information industry and age.

With their innovative ideas the Bahria Tribune reporters, blogger, photographers and contributors will strive to usher in a change that will stimulate the minds to think and create a better future for the country and world. Peace, happiness and progress for all humanity will be the sole motto of the Bahria Tribune.

Bahria Tribune will complement the objectives of the Bahria University Television and Bahria FM Radio and disseminate knowledge and information that entertains, adds value and makes everyone a useful citizen of this country and world. BUT will be multi-dimensional and include all audio-video and textual formats to give a 360 degree news/views format.

You are kindly requested to generously contribute your writings, pictures, thoughts to make this online paper a unique site for interesting discussions – political comments are strictly prohibited and subject to editorial scrutiny.

Share your stories, ideas and shine on the Bahria horizons – the cyber space will be the limit.

Your Editor

Shahzad Badar





Executive Editor:

Mr. Waheed Hussain is Head of the Media Department at the Bahria University, Islamabad.  He is a renowned Anchor person with extensive experience in print  and electronic media. He has helped establish several TV channels in the private sector and was one of the senior most anchor person in PTV hosting a political talk show.


Shahzad Badar has an M.A in Communication & Media studies from the University of Westminster London and has done several media courses from the prestigious international Universities. He has worked in senior positions in various local and international organisations. He has extensive experience in both print and electronic media and in the development sector.

Acting Deputy Editor: 


Kulsum Sadruddin Uttanwalla belongs to the Media studies department. She also works with WAGGS (women association for girl guides and girl scouts)  and PGGA (Pakistan Girls Guide Association)  which are leading organizations working striving to emancipate the girls of Pakistan. Kulsum has also worked in AKDN as a volunteer and hopes to usher positive change in society by contributing thought-provoking blogs.