18 Feb 2020


About Happiness

Happiness….. what is happiness? People say that to be happy you need to have money, fame, peace……. But is that the only requirement. Do you think states in war can have true happiness?

Well that’s not the truth, not even close. Pakistan, a state that everyone thinks is a danger zone, came 67th on the happiness index ranking, which as per the current situation sounds like a miracle. Pakistan has exceeded expectation and crossed many known and developed states such as India, that came 140th out of 157 countries.

So why is that, well there are many reasons, one that real happiness resides in the inclusiveness and sharing concept. People here have the concept of close lives, being there for each other in both happiness and pain. We celebrate family, relationships and love in all our festivities, and we don’t really need any occasion to gather up. We just decide that we will eat out or just have tea or coffee.

When a dad has been through a hectic day at the office, he comes back home all tired and hopeless, but then he sees his kids and maybe meet his colleges over to his place and they just sit down and chat about stuff. There is way less depression and loneliness here, not because a lot of us here don’t believe in depression, but because we let our pain, anger and agony out and we talk about it. We fight with siblings, live together in joint families and share ups and down of our lives.

We here in the developing world have something known as hope, that keeps us happy and going every day. To strive hard and move forward and imagine that all will be better, and things will be better if not tomorrow, then maybe day after tomorrow. And so, we are happy in hope of tomorrow because we know that things can only get better after the lows in life. As the ball can only bounce back after it touches the bottom.

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