21 Jan 2019


A Strange Encounter 


The time passed by and all I could feel now was sorrow and the whites of life. My multi colored life had turned black and white and with time it was turning only black. Like I was in a void, an amphitheater which would eco back only my voice. Isn’t it strange how life can shift paradigms by the speed of a click? All I want in life is to have someone who would listen to my blabbers all day. I know it’s hard but I want someone like that.  

It was a routine, the screams the shouting and the anger and I wasn’t afraid or scared I was worried for what outcomes it may have on me. I was a control freak and I would give up control over that moment and get paranoid latter, yea that’s me. But I wonder if I am any different from all the others outside.  

It wasn’t as the guys say that time of the month and I wasn’t like this just an hour and to be prices a few second ago but I was feeling this as of now, do we all feel this way at some point of our lives and what is that one thing that keeps us going. The motivation, the element of hope, how is it that we have it? 

We wait our entire lives to meet that one person, that one crazy fella who makes you feel that you aren’t crazy, some of us are very lucky to have them in their lives. But some not so much. We keep struggling and looking and observing and OMG we are going round and round in a circle like the dog who feels that he can grab his tail if he circles around it.  

Why is it that we wait for that strange encounter that changes it all? Why can’t we accept the defeat and let it go? Why is it that we have hope all the time? Why?  

I know today that I have the answer to this, it’s because we have something or someone that holds on to us tight and firm. Any emotion, any person, it can be anything, but that is what stops us and holds us back and makes us believe in hope. And that person right there is our miracle.  

We run after the unknown in hope for that strange encounters to change our lives when all we should be doing is holding on firm to that miracle of ours and to keep it close. Our miracle can be anyone, our dog, our parents our aspirations and even our enemies and anger but if it keep me going than I shouldn’t let go of off it. I know my miracle and I will stay with it from now on and stop running after that strange encounter, thought in my heart I would wish and yearn for one, but I will stay firm to my miracle always and forever. 

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