19 Aug 2019


A move towards a ‘Parha Likha Pakistan


By: Haleema Asad

According to UNICEF Pakistan lists as the 2nd country with the most out of school and uneducated children with first being Nigeria. The literacy education rate in Pakistan has been 60% for the past 3 years. With these numbers in mind, it is difficult to picture Pakistan self-sustaining itself in its future.

One way to absolve with this problem is to provide free education. However, sadly the hum-drum of life has left people too materialistic to care about those suffering due to lack of proper education, lack of job opportunities and lack of an overall better standard of living.

There are still good people in the world . In D-12/4 a married couple have started a free education school for all those who can not afford it. They teach with a hands on practical approach; teaching children younger than 15 things that we learned in our higher education levels (metric/Fsc, O/A level). The children that they have targeted in teaching are mostly street kids, beggars, and the underprivileged of Pahktun society.


Weekly students of BUIC from senior semesters (5 and up) of different departments volunteer as teachers for the children. Recently, the BUIC students conducted anger management classes, and IT classes which were proven to be an incredible success

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