19 Feb 2020


Influence of foreign culture on Pakistani films

Fatima Batool – BSS 1A

Cinema is a great source of promoting culture, values and norms of the society, it shows how exactly the people of that specific region are and how they live, think and do their activities. Sonia Gandhi once said in an interview that India has won the war against Pakistan since the Pakistani youth may not know the names of their great personalities but they surely know the names of Indian actors. This change in our society is mainly due to the Indian media. The impact of Indian TV shows seems to be slowly nipping at the heels of Pakistan culture. Even the way we speak has changed. Indian melodramas also have a great deal of influence on women. The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law showdowns that play out during prime time slots have changed our outlook on relationships too. Now, we believe living in a joint family system is bad for your health, wealth and sanity. But what’s happening to our own dramas? Have they lost their charm in the face of flashy and overly dramatized Indian shows? “I really miss the zeal of television in the 80s and 90s which addressed social issues. Roads would empty and there would be absolute silence from 8pm to 9pm when the dramas aired,” recalled my father. Today, ratings matter but I still believe attitude matters more. And it’s our attitude that’s the problem – we don’t want to watch channels with shows on religious or cultural issues, instead we want drama and gossip. It isn’t too late to shed the façade of Indian traditions and values and adopt our own. The impact of Indian dramas is strong but our culture and traditions are stronger. The Pakistani drama industry isn’t cowed by its Indian competitors.



Evolution of Pakistani culture due to Indian cinema’s influence

Private channels have also done a great job of promoting Pakistani talent across the globe. But that isn’t enough. Now is the time to change people’s minds and put Pakistan first. Our culture is being spoiled Pakistani cinema is now working to regain its worth and status values. Our showbiz industry still has some great thinkers and story tellers who are working hard for reshaping Pakistani cinema.



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