19 Aug 2019


23rd March-A day to remember

By: Dua Absar

I woke up early in the morning to the sound of the air force planes ruling the sky with their majestic energy, the music of Jeevay Jeevay Pakistan on PTV, the live commentary of the parade. I checked my phone, it reads “no signal” and I say to myself it must be 23rd March.

23rd March-just another ordinary day for most people, another date on the calendar. But for Pakistan, it is much more than that. It is the day that the foundations for this very country were laid, the day that one of the most important resolutions in the history of the world was passed, the Pakistan Resolution. Historically, this day is of utmost relevance for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan because 23rd March 1940 was the day that resolution for a new state was approved and the partition of India was set in motion.

The Minar-e-Pakistan in Lahore is the structure that symbolizes this grand event as this is where the resolution was signed.

Muslims in the far off land of the subcontinent, with full zeal and joy, began to absorb this joyous event, they were finally going to have their own homeland – an ideology they had been fighting for so long was coming to life.

They could see the fruit of the seeds they had planted budding and blossoming. This is why that although 23rd March may just be any other day for the world, for Pakistanis it was the milestone that marks the birth of their state. This document owes its name to the Indian press as the tabloids referred to it as the Pakistan Resolution even though it was originally named the Lahore Resolution. The press coined this term in order to highlight the significance and importance of this event.

As the years go by, Pakistanis celebrate the day that belongs to them but we never stop to ask ourselves, what is the real meaning of the day in the first place?



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