Workshop On PBL PROCESS – 30th March 2017
Category: April 6, 2017

The Department of Medical Education BUMDC conducted a CME Workshop on “PBL PROCESS” on 30th March 2017 in Conference Hall, Dental Section (6th Floor). A total of 27 participants from medical and dental section participated in the workshop. The workshop focussed on sensitizing the faculty regarding the significance of PBL, its implementation and the seven jump process of PBL. Dr. Talea Hoor, Joint Director Department of Medical Education, commenced the workshop with a discussion on the importance and relevance of a PBL-based curriculum. Dr. Shafaq Sultana elaborated the roles of facilitators and learners in a PBL session. Dr. Sara Shakil facilitated a roleplay on PBL process conducted by students of final year MBBS namely Esha Farooq, Aqsa Mehfooz, Shahtaj jaffri, Omayya Irshad, Nikhat Fatima, Nargis Ghaffar, Daniya Haroon, Hira Jahangir, Ruel John Jalal, Ozair Kamal, Hafsah Ishaq and Karam Khan. During the role play, the students emphasized on the diversity of roles in a PBL group. Dr.Kiran Fatima coordinated the dental faculty for the workshop. Lastly, the partcipants were organised in three groups where they practiced the seven jump process of PBL.