Workshop on “Clinical Skill Training on MVA”
Category: February 22, 2016

BUM&DC Obstetrics & Gynecology Department conducted a workshop on “clinical skill training on MVA” (manual vacuum aspiration) was conducted on 11th Feb 2016. It is a surgical procedure done to evacuate uterus in case of miscarriage. Thirty six participants and eighteen observers attended the workshop. The Registration of candidates was done at 0830 hours after that folders were given which included literature of MVA, feed-back, pre and post- test forms, program schedule, note book and pen. Participants came from different renowned hospitals of Karachi that is PNS Shifa, JPMC, JMDC, NMC, and observers were final year medical students of clinical group of Obstetrics and Gynecology. The chief guest of this workshop was Vice Admiral Tahseen Ullah Khan Director General BUM&DC Karachi

Program started with recitation of Holly Quran followed by welcome speech by Head of Department Prof. Dr.Khalida Nasreen. Introduction of facilitators and candidates was done. Presentations were given by Prof. Dr.Khalida Nasreen, Prof. Dr. Razia Korejo, Associate Prof. Dr. Atiya Fasih, and Senior Registrar Dr.Samreen Iqbal to participants and observers. They all emphasized the role of manual vaccum aspiration in cases of miscarriage.

A video regarding the use of MVA was shown followed by a live demonstration on it by Dr. Razia. After that participants actively participated in hands on practice on MVA and MODELS under the supervision of all four facilitators. The participants then completed the post test and feedback forms.

The certificates were distributed by chief guest Vice Admiral Tahseen Ullah Khan Director General   BUM&DC to all participants and facilitators. The lunch was served in the end.

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