The  Bahria  University  Medical  and  Dental College (BUMDC) was started  in the second  half  of  2008  with  the  induction  of experienced  and  highly  qualified  faculty members  for  different  departments  under the guidance of Rector, Vice Admiral Farooq Rashid  HI(M).  High quality  teaching  tools were procured and all the laboratories were established.  The  academic  journey  started with  the  first  batch  of  first  year  medical students  in  2008.  Admiral  Noman  Bashir NI(M)  Chief  of  Naval  Staff  inaugurated BUMDC on 29th  January 2009. Under  the guidance of Rector Vice Admiral (Retd) Mohammad Haroon HI (M) the college moved  forward at the old campus on Stadium Road, the Bahria University Karachi Campus with full facilities to students. By the Grace of Allah  Almighty  and  under  the  dynamic guidance  and  leadership  of  present  Rector Vice  Admiral  (Retd)  Tanveer Faiz  HI(M), BUMDC  moved  forward  with  increased number of students and  faculty  to  the new site. Admiral Mohammad Zakaullah NI(M) Chief  of  Naval  Staff  inaugurated  the  new campus, a state of art, purpose built medical and dental college building with all facilities to  the  students  and  teachers,  located adjacent to PNS-Shifa, on 29th January 2013. Throughout  all  these  years  the  higher hierarchy was assisted by  the vigilant vision of the  pioneer  Dean  Health  Sciences  and Principal  BUMDC  Professor  Dr .  Syed  Tipu Sultan during his specified tenure. Now this task has been handed over to Brigadier  (Retd) Prof. Dr . Shaheen Moin. She is pursuing all the policies elegantly with a touch of innovation to further raise the standard of this esteemed institution.

The allocated college budget  for 2013-14  is over 238 million rupees. The medical college building  has  7  floors, with  the  first  5  floor housing  the medical  college  and  the  top  2 floors housing the dental section. There are 5 lecture  halls  each  with  a  capacity  of  150 seats. There is a beautiful auditorium with a seating capacity of 500. All lecture halls have teaching  aids  such  as  multimedia,  sound systems  and  are  air  conditioned.  There  are fully  equipped  laboratories,  museums, dedicated  teaching  rooms  for  small  group teaching and a skills  laboratory  in the process of being equipped. BUMDC  strictly  follows  the  curriculum specified by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council.  However  it  is  modernized  to modular  system  by  including  strategies  like problem  based  learning  and  interactive learning.  Teaching  of  Behavior  Science  and Medical Ethics are given special emphasis to foster  moral  values  and  performance  in BUMDC  graduates.    Student`s  clinical teaching takes place  in PNS Shifa, a tertiary care  hospital,  well  run  and  well  equipped with departments of   Medicine, Gynecology and  Obstetrics,  Pediatrics,  Radiology, Pathology, Plastic Surgery, Urology as well as a very busy General Surgery Department. The hospital  also  has  a  Coronary  Care Unit,  an Intensive  Care  Unit,  a  Dialysis  unit, Orthopedics unit, Rehabilitation unit and an Emergency  room  with  a  dedicated  minor operating  theatre. The clinical faculty consists of a combination of  qualified  and  experienced  civilian  and naval academicians selected on their ability, knowledge  and  commitment  to  teaching. Students are taught in small group of 3-4 and attached  to  a  clinician  whom  students shadow  and  who  teaches  them  as  he/she fulfills  clinical  care,  surgery  and  medical procedures. The students thus get hands on learning  from  experienced  physicians  and surgeons. BUMDC at present has six batches of MBBS with100  enrolled medical  students  in  each batch and two batches of BDS with 41 and 50 dental students respectively. The  first batch of  MBBS  doctors  graduated  in  December 2013. The graduation ceremony was held on 3rdMarch 2014. These  graduates  are doing their further clinical training as house job in PNS Shifa Hospital. Bahria University Medical and Dental College is  listed  in  the  international  Avicenna Directory  and  International   Medical  Education  Directory  (IMED).  Thus  BUMDC graduates can pursue their further education and  training  in USA, UK and other countries. Professional development of faculty is a very important  component  of  teaching  and learning  which  is  catered  at  BUMDC throughout the year by workshops. BUMDC strongly encourages research culture among the  students  as  well  as  faculty.  Bahria University  has  initiated  cash  awards  for original  research  work.  Establishment  of multidisciplinary  research  laboratory  and post-graduate  degree  program  in  basic medical  sciences  are  projects  of  the  near future that are progressing with full support and cooperation of Rector Bahria University. Publication  of  a  medical  journal  and  a newsletter are also salient achievements of BUMDC that provide a good platform to both faculty and students  for expressing  their work and achievements. The College has organized three national symposia in which the faculty and students shared their research work with other  researchers of Pakistan.


In future endeavors the university is planning to  build  on-campus  hostels  for  its medical and  dental  students. Besides  enhancement of  medical  seats  from  100-150  students, formalities  to  commence  post  graduate studies  program  at  BUMDC  is  also  under process  with  Pakistan  Medical  and  Dental Council  (PMDC).