Dr. Ambreen Usmani
Category: November 10, 2016
Campus BUM&DC  

Medical Education

Department Anatomy; Medical Education
Designation Professor and HOD
Name Dr. Ambreen Usmani
Email Address ambreenusmani1@yahoo.com
Phone Office Ext 021-35319491-9 (1026)
Research Area Anatomy, Medical Education
Number of Publications 28
Degree Passing Year Majors University
Ph.D (fellow) Ziauddin University
PGD-Bioethics 2010 SIUT
MPhil-Anatomy 2007 Ziauddin University
MBBS 1995 Baqai Medical University
Designation From To Organization
Professor 2015 Till to date Bahria University Medical & Dental College
Associate Professor 2012 2015 Bahria University Medical & Dental College
Assistant Professor 2008 2012 Bahria University Medical & Dental College
Assistant Professor 2007 2008 Ziauddin University
Lecturer 2003 2007 Ziauddin University
Demonstrator 2002 2003 Baqai Medical University
 1. MicroRNA in Breast Cancer.
 2. Mentoring Medical Students.
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