Community Service By BUMDC

As part of community outreach and service-learning, the Department of Community Dentistry at BUMDC organized its fifth free dental check-up under the leadership of Dr.Kulsoom Fatima, Head of the Department and Principal Dental Section. On 24th of February 2015, 2nd year dental students examined approximately 550 pupils at Behbood Secondary School, a government school located in the railway colony. The students were accompanied by Dr.Hira Raza, Dr.Sehrish Ahmed and Dr.Raima Bashir.

The school children were aged between 5 to 15 years. Oral examinations were carried out by tongue depressors with optimal cross-infection control. Apart from unsatisfactory brushing habits, an increase in consumption of chalia was found to be a major health concern. Clinical findings included dental caries, gingivitis, missing teeth, halitosis, and fluorosis. It was also revealed that the most carious teeth were primary molars, a trend that has consistently been seen in mixed dentition.

The students were educated on maintaining good oral hygiene through proper tooth brushing habits including brushing method, as demonstrated on a model, along with emphasis on intake of a healthy diet. Oral hygiene kits, sponsored by Colgate, were distributed amongst the children to reinforce oral health advice. They were also given flyers with details of dental treatment offered at Bahria University’s dental OPD. Oral challenges of Pakistan are enormous.

Dental public health is yet to witness major improvements with organized efforts of the society including public health sector, and dental community. Cultural acceptance and cheap availability of betel quid, areca nut and cigarettes should be addressed as well. BUMDC is committed to playing its role in countering these challenges with diligence.