Code of Conduct

Integrity and honesty are the prime and foundation ingredients of any institution of higher learning and form the character building blocks of its students. The University strives for the highest standards of academic integrity and discipline prevalent at any reputable institution in the world. A “Student Discipline Committee” and various other measures regularly monitor the activities of the students. The Committee is empowered to take necessary measures for maintenance of standards in the institute pertaining to:

  • Unauthorized use of the University’s name or logo that is the property of the University.
  • University. Harassment, sexual or otherwise, or intimidation of any member of the University community while on University premises or during University sponsored events.
  • Coming late for classes.
  • Improper/inappropriate dress.
  • Horseplay, skylarking etc in Cafeteria/Common areas.
  • Non-clearance of bills/dues.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited within the University premises