BS Medical Lab Technology (BS-MLT)




The Medical Lab Technology (MLT) was established in 2018 at the Bahria College of Allied Health Sciences, Bahria University Health Sciences by Pakistan Navy under Bahria University and aligned with Higher Education Commission. The University has a beautiful custom built basic sciences wing which also have an auditorium, a library, video link facilities, a skills laboratory and an advanced multi-disciplinary research laboratory.

The clinical teaching wing is PNS SHIFA, a tertiary care hospital, which takes care of Armed Forces Personnel, their families, parents and civilian patients. There are large variety of clinical cases for students to learn from. Emergency and intensive care facilities are available. About 1500 patients visit PNS Shifa daily. The outpatient departments in all disciplines are in full use and well organized. Where patients are seen promptly, investigations like laboratory tests, X rays and advanced imaging techniques are available on site. Doctors and medical technologists work as a team to ensure the best care of patient. 

The First admissions of the department were offered in Spring 2018. The MLT series of courses offer theoretical information to support efforts to refresh, maintain and enrich clinical knowledge base. Medical Laboratory Technologists (MLTs) receive education and clinical training (via internships) in chemical and biological testing related to health and human disease. MLTs are highly skilled scientists having associated knowledge of different branches of diagnostic sciences including Biochemistry/Clinical Pathology, Cytology, Genetics, Hematology, Immunology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, and Serology. MLTs perform a wide variety of routine laboratory procedures and work in both public and private laboratories serving the health care sector. Our faculty are certified Medical Laboratory Scientists with advanced degrees and/or special certification and varied clinical experiences offering a diverse academic presentation. They are dedicated to helping you gain the skills and knowledge you need to begin your career.



Medical technologists are vital members of the health care team. Doctors make many of their decisions about diagnosis and treatment of disease based on laboratory test results and about 70 percent of treatment decisions are based on these results.

By this, the graduate medical technologist will be prepared with the knowledge and abilities needed for certification by nationally recognized professional agencies. With the help of this undergraduate program, highly trained professionals will be developed who can utilize proven technology to provide life-saving medical information used to treat patients.

This program will provide excellent opportunity to technicians already working in clinical laboratories and hospitals to establish their career as medical technologist and can earn a respectable salary.

This program will provide a career path to the students and laboratory professionals with advanced research opportunities as scientists, which can boost their professional career and enhances the promotion chances up till senior and supervisor level.

This program will also enable the medical college to fully utilize its preexisting resources like multidisciplinary research laboratory in undergraduate teaching as well.

This programme will develop conscientious, caring, skilled professionals that are highly capable of comprehending, practicing medical technology to meet challenges healthcare needs of the society.



The mission of the medical technology program is to prepare lab professionals equipped with knowledge, skills, and innovative research expertise, attained in a collegiate environment supported through national and international linkages, for provision of high quality services in the health care system.



  • To employ critical thinking and innovation to analyze challenges, concepts, research, and clinical outcomes and apply them to professional practice.
  • To analyze, interpret, integrate and evaluate information with the ability to communicate findings in a written or oral format
  • To demonstrate a broad-based and integrative understanding of basic biological, physical, chemical, and/or psychological concepts that prepares them for careers in health science.
  • To approach patient care from a cultural humility perspective that respects varied backgrounds including but not limited to: cultural, social, religious, racial, gender, and ethnic diversity of the patient and family regarding disease and their health.

To integrate concepts from various scientific fields to meet the requirements for entry-level healthcare administrative positions or admission to professional programs in allied health fields (e.g. athletic training, physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician assistant, chiropractic, etc).



This program provides excellent career opportunities to students with a quality learning experience and development of expertise in technological practices required for professional clinical laboratory scientist.

Upon completing the degree, graduates will be qualified to work as a medical technologist in 

  • Hospitals
  • Diagnostic laboratories
  • Research laboratories
  • Physician’s Office
  • Universities

This program will provide a career path to the students and lab workers with advanced research opportunities as scientists, which can boost their professional career and enhances the promotion chances up to senior and supervisor level.

This program will provide excellent opportunity to technicians already working in clinical laboratories and hospitals to establish their career as medical technologist and can earn a decent salary.



F.Sc (Pre-Medical ) / A Level or Equivalent qualification. Minimum score 50% aggregate marks. 



Bahria University College of Allied Health Sciences is offering Bachelor of Science (BS) in Medical Technology in the field of Clinical Laboratory Science /Clinical Pathology/ Clinical Chemistry / Medical Biochemistry. This is a Four-Year degree Program consisting of generalized, compulsory courses and specialized courses aligned with HEC semester rules and Bahria University rules. The program of study is as follows.

Course title BS (4 year degree program) in Medical  Technology Offered in Clinical Laboratory Science/Clinical Pathology/Clinical Chemistry/ Medical Biochemistry
Course duration 4 YEARS
No. of regular semesters 8
Semester  Duration 16- 18 weeks
Total credit hours 130 
Number of courses per semester 4-6
Course Load per Semester 15-18 credit hr
Course Title with study hrs See table 1& II


What will the student study in this program?

General Courses:

  • English
  • Pakistan Studies
  • Islamiat
  • Computer Skills


Basic Medical Courses:

  • Anatomy
  • Biochemistry
  • Physiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Microbiology
  • Pathology


 Specialized Courses

  • Histopathology
  • Hematology
  • Clinical Bacteriology
  • Hematology
  • Human Genetics
  • Communication Skills
  • Clinical Virology and Mycology
  • Chemical Pathology
  • WBCS and Platelets Disorders
  • Bioinformatics
  • Clinical Parasitology
  • Clinical Pathology


There will be two regular semesters (fall, spring) in an academic year. Fall/Spring semesters will spread over 16-18 weeks (inclusive of 1 – 2 weeks for exams).

Summer Semester will be offered to remove deficiencies. It comprises of 8 – 9 weeks of concentrated study for completing remedial course.


Table II: Details with title of courses

Year Semester Title of Course Credit hrs






1st  year

I Biochemistry -I 3 + 1
Human Physiology-I 3 + 1
Human Anatomy-I 3 + 1
English 2 + 0
Pakistan Studies 2 + 0
Computer Skills 1+ 1
II Biochemistry -II 3 + 1
Human Physiology-II 3 + 1
Human Anatomy -II 3 + 1
English 2 + 0
Islamic  Studies 2 + 0




2nd year


III General Pathology-II 2+ 1
General Pharmacology-II 2+ 1
Hematology 2+ 1
Human Genetics 2+ 1
Communication Skills 2+ 1
Medical Microbiology 2+ 1
IV General Pathology 2+ 1
General Pharmacology 2+ 1
Clinical Virology and Mycology 2+ 1
Medical Microbiology-II 2+ 1
Hematology -II 2+ 1
Chemical Pathology 2+ 1



3rd  year




WBCS and Platelets Disorders 2+1
Histopathology 2+1
Bioinformatics 1+2
Clinical Parasitology 2+1
Clinical Pathology 2+1
Biotechnology 1+1



Medical Laboratory Instrumentation 2+1
Biostatistics 2+1
Immunology and serology 2+1
Research Methodology 2+1
Blood Banking 2+1



4th  year





Medical Laboratory Management Skills 2+1
Fundamental of infection control 1+1
Molecular Biology 2 +1
Epidemiology 2 +0
Systematic Diagnostic Bacteriology 2 +1
Cytology and Cytogenetics 2 +1



Research Project 6
Seminar 1+0
Medical Sociology 2 +1
Bioethics 1+1

Current Activities

MLT students are involved in various academic and non-academic activities.  MLT students play an active role in various seminar and workshops.

  • Visit to old house and orphanage
  • Visit to children hospital (NICH)
  • Beach Cleaning Activity
  • Medical Facilities to Flood Victims
  • Workshop and Seminar

Research Activities

The Department of Medical Technology is developed under Multidisciplinary Research Laboratory at Bahria Medical

and Dental College. MDRL is located on the second floor of Bahria University Medical and Dental College with advanced research instruments. The main objective of MDRL is to strengthen research environment in medical college for faculty, students and researchers (undergraduates and postgraduates) by providing scientific instrumentation and technical expertise under one umbrella. With the help of MDRL, clinicians, and scientists will be enabled to explore diagnostic and various treating ways in basic and clinical research and in this way overall health care system can be improved.