Biochemistry Department


Prof. Dr. Hasan Ali
(MBBS, M. Phil)
HOD Biochemistry

Biochemistry is the science concerned with the chemical basis of life. The key objective of biochemistry is to learn molecular basis of all biochemical process with clinical orientation. Biochemistry encompasses large areas of cell biology, molecular biology, and molecular genetics.

The knowledge of biochemistry is essential to all life sciences. Biochemistry and medicine are intimately related. Health depends on a harmonious balance of biochemical reactions occurring in the body, and disease reflects abnormalities in biomolecules, biochemical reactions, and biochemical processes. Biochemical approaches are often fundamental in illuminating the causes of disease and in designing appropriate therapies.

The department of Biochemistry is located on the third floor of the BUMDC building. It has well equipped laboratory where students enthusiastically perform experiment. Biochemistry Department has qualified and experienced faculty and technical staff according to PMDC criteria.

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