Oral Health And Hygiene Awareness Session
Category: December 22, 2016

On 30th Nov’2016, the Department of Community Dentistry of Bahria University Medical and Dental Section conducted an “Oral Health and Hygiene Awareness Session” at Guards Public School from 10am -12pm and the audience catered were 150 students of Class Prep II aged b/w 3-6 years.

Dr. Raima Bashir, Dr.Nazish Zafar and Dr.Kiran Mehboob Senior Lecturers, executed the whole session. All the students were gathered at one place along with the teachers. The lecture was delivered by Dr.Raima Bashir in which she tried to reach the juvenile mind and education them about the importance of oral cavity, its health and the effects of proper maintenance of oral hygiene. The session was interactive and assisted by pictorial power point presentation and video demonstration as well as live demonstration of proper brushing techniques on models. The students were very interactive throughout the session and responded very well to each question. The teachers also showed great interest and had their queries answered on spot. At the end of the session a few students were also called on stage to demonstrate the proper brushing techniques that had been taught to them during the lecture. The session concluded with distribution of oral hygiene kits sponsored by Colgate and oral health related activities developed by the lecturers for developing interest in students regarding oral health. The Principal of the School appreciated the efforts of the department and Bahria University with kind words of appreciation and insisted us to visit again.