Admission Requirement

Age Limit for Admission in MBBS / BDS

There is no minimum or maximum age limit for admission in MBBS / BDS programs at BUMDC.

Entry Test

All applicants will be required to take the college entry test conducted by NTS. The entry test is an essential segment of the admission process. As an alternate Overseas and Foreign candidates having minimum SAT II score 550 marks in each three science subjects of which two has to be Biology and Chemistry are exempted from entry test and shall be required to appear in the interview directly. The entry test is conducted on-campus, or at locations as advertised. The test encompasses questions on Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English (HSC level).   The duration of the test is 2 hours, and the format is a series of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) for each subject. Before the test, each applicant is issued an Entry Test Card, which outlines the necessary instructions. Candidates are not allowed to enter the examination hall without this Card. The results of the entry test are subsequently made available on the university website.

Selection Criteria

The final merit list is based on the following criteria as per PMDC admission policy:

1 Entry Test 50%
2 HSSC / Equiovalnt 40%
3 SSC / Equivalnt 10%
Total 100%

Note: The entry test is conducted from FSc (Pre Medical) course (Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English).


Interviews are part of verification of original credentials, meeting with candidates and his / her parents / guardian. Applicants are cautioned that interview, although held towards the end of the admission process, is only one component of the whole process and contribute a small weightage to the cumulative merit. It is very rare that a candidate is rejected on the basis of his/her interview.

Final Selection

The relative weightages of   all the components of admission process are added upto prepare at the final merit list. The top applicants on the merit list are invited, in writing, to join the first year MBBS class. No formal waiting list is announced, but all the remaining applicants stay on the waiting list. Any dropouts from the class are replaced by candidates on the waiting list, according to merit, before commencement of classes.

Note: Selected students are required to confirm their intent to join the college by depositing the admission fee, tuition fee and other fees, within the stipulated period. If a seat in the first year class is not confirmed by the specified date then it is offered to the next candidate on the waiting list. No further claim of admission by the incumbent applicant is valid in such an eventuality.

Note: Since BUMDC is a constituent unit of Bahria University, its students are required to abide by all rules and regulations, academic as well as administrative including the dress code promulgated by the University through statutes, notifications, circulars, resolutions of regulatory bodies, students handbook and executive or administrative directives.