Scientific Equipment MDL


Sno. Name of Equipment Model Qty Specification Basic Function Current Status
 1. Spectrophotometer MOLEQULE-ON Version 1.10  1 UV-VIS spectrophotometer Used for  qualitative and quantitative analysis of sample Functional
 2. Elisa reader SYNERGY|HTX  1 Multi-Mode reader Used for detection of All methods based on fluorescence, luminescence and absorbance Functional
 3. Elisa Plate Washer DIA 3000 Version 5.31  1 Two plate ELISA incubator Used for  Washing ELISA plates Functional
 4. Centrifuge machine ALLEGRA X-12 Centrifuge 1 Controlled temperature machine Used for isolation, purification, separation  of blood sample Functional
 5. Freezer VWR40086D  1 -86°C temperature sample storage(tissues , plasma, serum) Functional
 6. Distillation plant Fistreem Cyclon WSC044.MH3.4  1 4 liter/hour double (Bi-) distiller Used for purification of water Functional
 7. Autoclave Advantage-Lab AL02-14  1 Large chamber in diameter, depth and volume Used for sterilization of medical instrument , biohazards waste , media preparation liquid Functional
 8. Vortex Labnet S0200-230V-EU  1 Rubber capped vortex Used for shaking purpose Functional
 9. pH meter Winlab Data-Line pH-Meter  1 Double line digits for pH, time & temperature Used for pH detection Functional
 10. Magnetic Stirrer Labnet 1 Hotplate Stirrer Used for stirring and heating liquid Functional
 11. De-Ionizer Sartorius arium® pro 1 Membraned filter Used for removal of ions from water Functional
 12. Safety Chamber LABCONCO D060387 1 Class 2 safety chamber Used for sterile studies, antibacterial activity and microbiological research Functional
 13. Pharmaceutical Refrigerator HAIER HYC-360 1 Moderated variable temperature control fridge Used for keeping samples at different temperature Functional
 14. Multigene Optimax Thermal Cycler Labnet Version 1.0 1 Multigene Thermal Cycler Used for DNA copying ,functional analysis of gene and DNA based study Functional
 15. Gel documentation unit Fast gene gel pic box FMMS10 1 9 mega pixel wit sensor and flash drive  Used for visualization of nucleic acid and protein in gel Functional
 16. Electrophoresis power supply consort EV245 1 3 way supply Used to separate and analysis of DNA Functional
 17. Electronic Balance OHAUS PA214 1 Range 0.0001g -210g Used for weighing samples Functional
 18.  Refrigerated Centrifuge Machine HERMLE centrifuge Z 360 K 1 Variable temperature machine Used for isolation, purification, separation of blood samples Functional