Bahria University (BU), is a Federally Chartered Public Sector University in Pakistan, which was established on 7th February 2000 through a Presidential Ordinance. It is a multi-campus institution of higher education, which is committed to attain the highest standards in teaching, learning and research, compatible with global requirements of practicing different professions. The University is widely recognized for preparing professionals, some to assume roles of future leaders and some to become good executives/managers through development of their physical, mental, moral and professional competence.

The business Degree programs at Bahria University Islamabad campus were being offered at the Department of Management Sciences since 2000. However, in order to meet the market demand for Business and Management graduates, the Management Sciences Department was developed into Bahria Business School (BBS) in 2019. The school has a portfolio of two departments: Business Studies Department and Management Studies Department offering various business degree programs at Undergraduate and Graduate level.

Bahria Business School (BBS) located in Islamabad, provides a modern-day platform with the goal to make higher education accessible, affordable and acceptable, which is imperative to forge a prosperous nation. The school is located in the heart of Islamabad which is easily accessible from majority areas around the twin cities and owing to this ideal location and has an edge over its competitors in the education sector. It is able to provide education matching international standards to students from various regions of Pakistan.