Category: Past Events
Published on: September 28, 2017
Last updated on October 3rd, 2017

BULC Qirat, Naat and Speech Competition
Faculty In Charge: Ms. Munaza
Please contact Ms. Munaza to register your interest.
The event is divided into Three sub-events

1. Qirat competition
2. Naat competition
3. Speech competition

Rules & Guidelines
1. All participants must arrive 30 minutes before the competition start time
2. All participants must follow modest dress code throughout the competition
3. Students must stay until the end of event in order to be marked present
4. Be a mature and responsible individual. Remember that you are representing the Quran Reciters.
Your behavior would reflect the image.
5. Participants can recite the Quran verses of their own choice for Qirat competition
6. Participants of both the events will be given a fixed time. If they fail to finish in allocated time, there will be negative marking.
7. Participants will be required to finish their naats or recitation in the allocated time.
8. Al three sub-events will have a separate winner.
9. It is a solo event. You cannot work in a team of 2 or more.
10. Any misbehavior or violation of rules will lead to the disqualification of the participant.
11. The decision given by the judge will be final. Nobody has the right of challenging the judges’ decision.

General marking criteria will be based on following:
• Voice Quality (both for Naat and Qirat)
• Wording (for Naat)
• Talaffuz or pronunciation (both for Naat as well as qirat)
• Recitation style (for Qirat)
• Must recite with feel (Naat & Qirat)
• Grip on the subject (Speech)
• Confidence (Speech)
• Style of speech (Speech)
• Qirat: 2 Minutes Minimum, Maximum 2:50
• Naat: 3 Minutes Minimum, Maximum 4:30
• Speech: 3 Minutes Minimum, Maximum 4:30