Vision & Mission
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To become a center of excellence in Computer Science education and research



To produce computer science graduates to design and develop quality software solutions, be able to work successfully within challenging environments and be good professionals


Program Educational Objectives

PEO-1Apply computing knowledge and skills to design and develop effective solutions for complex real-life problems

PEO-2Demonstrate ethical and moral conduct in professional practices

PEO-3: Manifest life-long learning and inter-personal skills for sustainable career development and professional growth


Program Learning Outcomes

PLO1– Academic Education

PLO2– Knowledge for Solving Computing Problems

PLO3– Problem Analysis

PLO4– Design/Development of Solutions

PLO5– Modern Tool Usage

PLO6– Individual and Teamwork

PLO7– Communication

PLO8 – Computing Professionalism and Society

PLO9– Ethics

PLO10– Life-long Learning