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Last updated on July 5th, 2018


An Economics event on innovation and invention projects of self-employment to kill the crisis of un-employment was held on April 30, 2018 in the Iqbal Block Foyer and area adjacent to cafeteria in Bahria University Karachi Campus. The event was organized by the Senior Assistant Professor Economics, Management Sciences Department Ms. Sabiha Abid for the students of BBA6(C, D, E & G).  This event also showcased the posters on Earth Day as well. The goods were made to revive the cultural heritage as well as to fulfill the needs of financially deprived class of our society. The event was visited and evaluated by Dr. Farooq-e-Azam Cheema Dean MS, BUKC, Dr. Haroon HOD Electrical engineering department, Dr. Bashir HOD SS Department, Director NCMPR, Manager BIC and many other teachers and staff.

In this event more than 100 practically feasible low cost ideas were exhibited and presented with demonstration. The work of students was evaluated by the industry experts and academic heads. A large number of students, teachers and staff of multivariate disciplines visited the place and appreciated the praiseworthy ready to market work of young potential Economists who are ready to combat the evil of unemployment with their brilliant business ideas learnt at Bahria University Karachi Campus. This showcase of student work has increased their confidence, groomed their working skills and provided a plat form to exhibit and promote their creativity by introducing products.

Students made products of home décor, interior designing, block print, Jeans bags ,mobile covers, crotia work, creative threads, creative architecture, multi potential items like lamps, wall hangings, decorative pens ,pen holders, pencil cases, newspaper dolls, newspaper pen holders, jewelry boxes, paintings, sketches, led lights UPS, Portable fans, lamps, balloon lamps, air cooler, plastic roads, traditional pots craft for wedding and mehndi , explosion boxes for bridal showers, birthdays and anniversaries, Tyre lawn furniture, spoon  makeup pencils and brush holders, Homemade jewelry, photo frames, flowers, vases, decorative bottles, bottle lamp, wooden crafts, leather crafts, plastic bottles village, Books and Cffee Cafe’ and rolls, lunch boxes and bakery items.

I am extremely thankful to the Director General BUKC, Director BUKC, DD Admin and all others who had been part of my event directly or indirectly.