Seminar On Scope And Applications In English Language Teaching 29th April,2019
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Last updated on July 19th, 2019

 The H&SS (English Department) organized a seminar under the supervision of Ms. Afshan Saleem, Cluster Head (English), on the scope and application in English language teaching on 29th April,2019 at Fatima Jinnah Hall.


  • The aim of the seminar is to gather the researchers of English Language teachers (ELTs) and the research experts of different domain in order to share the research considerable knowledge, skills and expertise in teaching, provide information, clarify grey areas, introduce new research ideas to the teaching of English.
  • Give the learners of BS (English) an opportunity to come together to discuss issues around preparing them and to develop the conceptual knowledge of research, its scope and applications in ELT.


  1. Muhammad Fareed (KEY NOTE SPEAKER, Assistant Professor NED University)
    (English language teaching scope in Pakistan)
  2. Dr. Mustaghis-Ur-Rahman
    (Overview of Research Perspectives)
  3. Ms Shagufta Yasmeen
    (Problems faced by Pakistani English language learners in speaking English)
  4. Ms Sahar Afshan
    Linguistics & Literature: Two sides of a same coin)
  5. Ms Zahra Khan
    (Genre Analysis: Scope & Applications in ELT)
  6. Ms Zenab Shabbir

 (An experience of Teaching English to the Turkish Students:Eramus Exchange)



  1. Muhammad Akram Mankash (Gp Capt (Rtd)} Additional Director (Administration & Human Resource)
  2. Muhamad Sajid Siraj (Senior Lecturer, IOBM)
  3. Muhammad Yasir Khan (Lecturer, Iqra University)


  • Maria Saleem (BS English, Student)
  • Dureshahwar (BS English, Student)
  • Sadaf Sadiq, (BS English, student)

METHODOLOGY: The speakers of the seminar shared their research views and research experiences of teaching English with the students. They also discussed the problems and their solutions regarding ELT.

Ms Zenab  (H&SS)                                                   

Ms. Sahar Afshan (H&SS)

Prof. Dr. Mustaghis-Ur-Rahman   (M&SS)                    

Ms.Zahra Khan   (H&SS)

 Ms. Shagufta Yasmeen (H&SS)

OUTCOME: The seminar provided students with practical advice to help boost their confidence and tips on how to tackle a variety of tasks in the Reading, Writing, Listening, Use of English language and its significance in different fields.