Interview List of Admissions Spring 2019 – 2nd Phase
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Last updated on January 24th, 2019
Interview List & Schedule (Undergraduate)
1.    Please bring your Admit Card and Following original Documents while appearing for Interview:
        a.     SSC Marks sheet or ‘O’ Level Equivalence Certificate from IBCC.
        b.     HSSC Marks sheet  or ‘A’ level equivalence certificate from IBCC.
        c.     Admit card of Board/ ‘A’ level Statement of Entry(For result awaiting candidates).
        d.     CNIC / Form B.
2.     Attested copies of above mentioned documents along with Four Passport size Photograph.
3.    Please report 15 minutes before the interview timings.

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1669SYED MUSTUFABS(Eco & Fin)18-Jan-201910:00 am
1676MAAZ TARIQBS(Eco & Fin)18-Jan-201910:00 am
1624SABA NAZ PALARIBS(Eco & Fin)18-Jan-201910:00 am
1614IRTEZA HASSHAMBS(Eco & Fin)18-Jan-201910:00 am
1661RUTAB RIZWAN KHANBS(Eco & Fin)18-Jan-201910:00 am
1600M. ZAHEER SIDDIQUIBS(Eco & Fin)18-Jan-201910:00 am
1650PRIYANKA ESSRANIBS(Eco & Fin)18-Jan-201910:00 am
1625WAJIHABS(English)18-Jan-201910:00 am
1613ALEEZABS(English)18-Jan-201910:00 am
1591AYESHA TAHIRBS(English)18-Jan-201910:00 am
1620MASOOMABS(English)18-Jan-201910:00 am
1670HAMAYOONBS(English)18-Jan-201910:00 am
1612MEHWISH HIRABS(English)18-Jan-201910:00 am
1674ARESHA ALI KHANBS(English)18-Jan-201910:00 am
1639SADIA KHANBS(English)18-Jan-201910:00 am
1672SYEDA KISSA BATOOLBS(English)18-Jan-201910:00 am
1671AYESHA YOUSAFBS(English)18-Jan-201910:00 am
1636MAHAM KHURSHEEDBS(Env. Sci)18-Jan-201910:00 am
1652MUHAMMAD IQBALBS(Env. Sci)18-Jan-201910:00 am
1621ASMA SHEHZADIBS(Env. Sci)18-Jan-201910:00 am
1598YAKSHAN AMINBS(Env. Sci)18-Jan-201910:00 am
1683AIMEN SHEIKHBS(Env. Sci)18-Jan-201910:00 am
1628TOOBA MUGHALBS(Env. Sci)18-Jan-201910:00 am
1637MAHAM KHURSHEEDBS(Geo Phy)18-Jan-201910:00 am
1682RAHIMA SALEEMBS(Geo Phy)18-Jan-201910:00 am
1662BAKHTAWAR JAKHROBS(Maritime Buss. & Mgt.)18-Jan-201910:00 am
1589M. JAHANZAIB SULTANBS(Maritime Buss. & Mgt.)18-Jan-201910:00 am
1666IKRAM ANWARBS(Maritime Buss. & Mgt.)18-Jan-201910:00 am
1667SABOOR MUNAWARBS(Maritime Buss. & Mgt.)18-Jan-201910:00 am
1641SYEDA ALMA KAMILBS(Maritime Buss. & Mgt.)18-Jan-201910:00 am
1678HIRA SHAFIBS(Maritime Buss. & Mgt.)18-Jan-201910:00 am


Interview List & Schedule (Postgraduate)
1. Please bring your Admit Card and Following original Documents while appearing for Interview:
a. SSC Marks sheet or ‘O’ Level Equivalence Certificate from IBCC.
b. HSSC Marks sheet or ‘A’ level equivalence certificate from IBCC.
c. Bachelors / Masters Marks sheet/ Transcript / Degree .
d. Result awaiting candidates of ( Bachelors / Masters) provide admit card of University.
e. CNIC.
2. Attested copies of above mentioned documents along with Four Passport size Photograph.
3. Please report 15 minutes before the interview timings.
1616TALHA SHER CHISHTIM.Phil(MS)18-Jan-201911:00 am
1593SHIRAZ AHMED ZARDARIM.Phil(MS)18-Jan-201911:00 am
1638MAHNOOR SHOAIBMBA-1.5 Years18-Jan-201911:00 am
1681MUHAMMAD USMANMBA-1.5 Years18-Jan-201911:00 am
1651MARIA ESSANIMBA-2 Years18-Jan-201911:00 am
1645NOUSHEEN RASHEEDMBA-2 Years18-Jan-201911:00 am
1664MUHAMMAD AHMEDMBA-2 Years18-Jan-201911:00 am
1679GHULAM MURTAZAMBA-2 Years18-Jan-201911:00 am
1640AWAIS RAZAMBA-2 Years18-Jan-201911:00 am
1665MOIZ AHMEDMBA-2 Years18-Jan-201911:00 am
1663SADAF NASREENMBA-2 Years18-Jan-201911:00 am
1686SUMAIRA KIRANMBA-2 Years18-Jan-201911:00 am
1653SHIRAZ HASHMIMBA-3.5 Years18-Jan-201911:00 am
1594KOMAL AMJADMBA-3.5 Years18-Jan-201911:00 am
1634RIDA ZEHRA MUGHALMBA-3.5 Years18-Jan-201911:00 am
1629HAMZA AZIZ TAMIMIMBA- (L&M)-1.5 Years18-Jan-201911:00 am
1608KASHAF KHANMBA(P&HM)-2 Years18-Jan-201911:00 am
1627SANA ZAHIDMBA (W/E)-2 Years18-Jan-201911:00 am
1643ANAMMBA (W/E)-2 Years18-Jan-201911:00 am
1623AHMED TAHIR GHIASMBA (W/E)-2 Years18-Jan-201911:00 am
1685ZEHRA FATIMAMBA (W/E)-2 Years18-Jan-201911:00 am
1675WALEED BIN NASIRMBA (W/E)-3.5 Years18-Jan-201911:00 am
1626MISBAH ZAHEERMBA (W/E)-3.5 Years18-Jan-201911:00 am
1680BILAL MANZOORMBA (W/E)-3.5 Years18-Jan-201911:00 am
1605SANIA UROOJMS(CS)18-Jan-201911:00 am
1611SAAD AHMEDMS(CS)18-Jan-201911:00 am
1644MUHAMMAD ADNAN KHANMS(EE)18-Jan-201911:00 am
1618MALIHA YASINMS(EE)18-Jan-201911:00 am
3KAZIM ALIMS(EE)18-Jan-201911:00 am
1649RIAZ AHMED CHEEMAMS(EE)18-Jan-201911:00 am
1602BISMA ALIMS(ES)18-Jan-201911:00 am
1592AMNA BANOMS(ES)18-Jan-201911:00 am
1631MUHAMMAD ADNAN ABIDMS(ES)18-Jan-201911:00 am
1646ZOHAIB ARIFMS(Finance)18-Jan-201911:00 am
1609M. SIKANDER IQBALMS(Finance)18-Jan-201911:00 am
1654FAIZA NAYYABMS(Finance)18-Jan-201911:00 am
1677M. SOHAIL KHANMS(Geophy)18-Jan-201911:00 am
511RAMSHA QURAT-UL-AINMS(Media Studies)18-Jan-201911:00 am
1668MESUK GULFAMMS(Media Studies)18-Jan-201911:00 am
1607SYEDA KOMAL JILANIMS(PM)18-Jan-201911:00 am
1659ALEENA KANWALMS(PM)18-Jan-201911:00 am
1596NEHAL MATEENMS(PM)18-Jan-201911:00 am
1632MUHAMMAD SHEHBAZMS(PM)18-Jan-201911:00 am
1648SEHRISH JABEENMS(PM)18-Jan-201911:00 am
1154MUHAMMAD SIDDIQUEMS(PM)18-Jan-201911:00 am
1660HASSAN HYDERMS(PM)18-Jan-201911:00 am
1595SYED M. AHMED KAZMIMS(PM)18-Jan-201911:00 am
1603REEMA KHANMS(PM)18-Jan-201911:00 am
1658AYESHA IQBALMS(SE)18-Jan-201911:00 am
1630MUHAMMAD MAAZ SHAMSMS(SE)18-Jan-201911:00 am