Alumni Association for Bahria University Karachi Campus
Category: Uncategorized November 20, 2023
Last updated on February 22nd, 2024
We proudly announce the newly elected members of the Alumni Association for Bahria University Karachi Campus! 🌟
Meet the dedicated team:
1. *Rizwan Ahmed Khanzada* – President (MSPM)
2. *Saria Rafiq* – Vice-President (IPP)
3. *Salis Khizar Khan* – General Secretary (BSCE)
4. *Laiba Munir* – Marketing Manager (BSMEDIA)
5. *Khadija Shakir* – Fund Raising (MBA)
6. *Muhammad Faisal Khan* – Corporate Relations (MBA)
“Embrace the spirit of Bahria, where every challenge is an opportunity, every setback a lesson, and every success a testament to our collective strength. As alumni, let’s inspire greatness; as current students, let’s dream big and work harder. Together, we are the legacy and the future of Bahria University.
Join us in congratulating them and looking forward to exciting initiatives and collaborations!