Visit to Pakistan Stock Exchange
Category: November 8, 2019

“A study visit to Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) has been arranged for the student of BS, Maritime Business and Management, on 31st October 2019, organized by the subject teacher IT Skills, Ms. Farah Naz. It was very informative visit for students as the modern financial system depends strongly on digital resources.  The major highlight of the visit was the students’ briefing by the Head of Digital Trading (PSX), Mr. Jawad Haider Hashmi, about the significance and the features of the online trading platform. Moreover, the Head of Marketing & Business Development (PSX), had explained the economy and capital markets of Pakistan. At the end, the representative from the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), had briefed students about the investors’ rights and the laws & regulations for the investors’ protection from cyber crimes. Students have also visited the trading hall which has now been transformed with digital trading screens. Students took keen interest in the session and asked different questions regarding the digital financial system, and the importance of IT in the modern trading system.”