Admission Procedure

The admission procedure is described as under:

Submit the prescribed form (duly completed) along with supporting documents on or before the notified closing date.

Admission will be based on Academic Eligibility Score, Entry Test Score and Interview.

Students unable to provide complete result of per-requisite qualification for a certain program should submit the last qualified result as follows:

a. First year result if HSSC result is not declared for undergraduate program.

b. O-Level result if A-Level result is not declared for undergraduate program.

c. HSSC/A-Level result for graduate program if BA/BSc/B.Com result is awaited.

For non-Pakistani qualifications (O/A-Level etc), student must enter IBCC equivalent marks, HEC Equivalence Certificate marks, or calculated marks as given in application from.

Students are advised to obtain O-Level IBCC certificate in case A-Level result is awaited.

Forms of students awaiting A-Level/Intermediate result will not be accepted, without, either 1st year Marks or O-Level equivalence certificate marks from IBCC.

While entering CGPA maximum scale is to be mentioned i.e. CGPA 3.0 on a scale of 4 to be written as ¾.

Students with A’s results of GCE are reminded that A’s result is considered equivalent to 1st year (Intermediate).

Students with valid ETS* scores have the option, not to take Bahria University Admission Test and submit scores as mentioned below:

Test Code Programme
SAT I 4181 Bachelor’s Programs (Non-Engineering)
SAT II 4181 Bachelor’s Programs (Engineering)
GMAT 7265 MBA Programs
GRE 7265 Masters Programs (Other than in Management),M.Phil/PhD Programs

* Please submit copies of your score sheet with Application Form & show original score sheet at the time of Interview.

Appear, in the entry test (where applicable) and for interview discussion session.

Students are reminded that entrance test in Undergraduate Programs (for Management Sciences & Earth & Environmental Sciences) is based on pattern of SAT-I and (for Engineering Programs) SAT-II (Math, Physics & SAT-I English). Entrance test in Management Sciences Post Graduate Programs is based on GMAT format.

MS applicants will appear in admission test on the pattern of GRE General.

Test and Interview

Applicants must appear in the written test (except those opting for SAT/ETS Scores etc.) on the scheduled dates as advertised in the press.
After the test, merit list for interviews will be announced and posted at concerned institutes and same website.

Original documents are to be produced at the time of interview, the copies of which are submitted along-with application forms.

Final Merit list for admission will be posted (based on the results of entry test, academic eligibility examinations marks, interview and score earned in discussion session as applicable) at the concerned institutes and on web

New Student Orientation

Orientations are designed to provide fresh students with information regarding University services, policies and procedures, student responsibilities and faculty expectations etc. Orientation will take place prior to start of semester and includes development of learning, study skills and development of computing skills. All new students have to attend orientation session.

Student Handbook

All Students are provided “Student Handbook” at the time of Orientation. It is students’ responsibility to obtain the handbook and adhere to the stipulated academic rules and University policies.