Last modified on: June 13th, 2020
Last updated on June 13th, 2020

1. What facilities does Well Being Centre offer?

The well-being center (WBC) provides best mental health services to individuals in need of psychological, social, emotional, and developmental needs. WBC also focuses on high quality, problem focused, ethical services along with community development.


2. Who can avail services provided at Well Being Centre?

Students, faculty and staff of BUIC, as well as the community (outsiders) can avail services for their psychological, emotional, social, developmental and behavioral issues.


3. Are there any consultation charges for Bahrians?

A nominal fee of Rs. 200/- only will be charged from students, faculty, and staff of Bahria University.


4. For what kind of problems an individual can approach Well Being Centre?

An individual can approach WBC for consultation regarding any of the following problems:


* Emotional Problems * Behavioral Problems * Relationship issues
* Confidence issues * Self-esteem issues * Public Speaking issues
* Stress * Academic Problems * Sadness
* Underachievement * Lack of motivation * Adjustment issues
* Procrastination * Lack of focus * Career confusion
* Socialization issues * Time Management * Depression / Anxiety
* Trauma & a lot more


5. When and whom to contact for an appointment?

To schedule your initial appointment, please call/SMS on: +92-307-5121831. WBC will contact you within 48hrs for further help.


6. Are the services at Well Being Centre provided on weekends?

The regular sessions are services are for weekdays only. In case of unavoidable circumstances WBC will offer services on weekends as well


7. After how long does a person get contacted by the staff of the Well Being Centre?

After you ask for an appointment, you will be contacted back within 48 hours to inform about your appointment schedule. But due to excessive appointments sometimes clients have to cooperate with the WBC’s administration. In case of emergency mental health concern kindly visit Well Being Center.


8. Can a person be approaching Well Being Centre request for a consultant psychologist of his/her own choice?

The Client can give their preference. But this decision is taken by WBC’s staff to ensure the maximum effectiveness of therapy for the client.


9. Is there any consultant psychiatrist available?



10. Does WBC offer services to the general public who are not employees or students at Bahria University?

Yes, anyone with emotional, behavioral, and mental health issues can approach Well Being Centre through appointment. There are nominal charges for consultation and follow up for outsiders.


11. What is the difference between Psychological Problem and Psychological Disorder?

The psychological problem differs in frequency and anyone can face these problem in everyday life. Psychological disorder on the other hand is more severe that the individual is unable to function effectively in their daily life.


12. WBC deal with psychological problems or psychological disorders?

WBC is equally capable of handling psychological disorders as well as it has experts with wide range of experiences and expertise. The person, if diagnosed with psychological disorder, will also be helped with consultation of Psychiatrist at WBC.