Student Resource Centre

Student Resource Centre

The hub of all non-academic activity, student centered services to maximize student potential. Polishing student talents and skills; developing them into all rounders with grooming interventions self-help resources interactive workshops and participation outside.



  • Extra curricular activities of students presently being carried out at Institutes need to be streamlined to provide opportunities to students for their overall development. An exclusive Department for Student Affairs at University Headquarters has been created to achieve this objective. The salient features/organization of the Department of Student Affairs are elaborated in the paragraphs below.
  • In order to effectively manage Student Affairs, each institute will be provided a Programme Officer for Student Affairs who will be responsible to Director of Institute for day-to-day running of Student Affairs. He/she will also be reporting to DSA for Planning and Managing events to be organized by various Students Societies.
  • A Students Resource Centre fully equipped with furniture and office equipment will be seen at both the institutes supervised by Programmes Officer Students Affairs. This Students Resource Centre will be the office where students shall programme, plan and organize various extra curricular activities of the Students Affairs Department.
  • The number of societies to be established at each institute with their functions is enclose as Annex ‘A’. The general composition of each society will be as under:

a.    One President :    A student from   postgraduate programme for every society will be responsible to organize various activities of the society in coordination with his team members and faculty supervisor.

b.    One Secretary will assist the President in his ditties and will also carry out his duties in his absence.

c.    Team members (one member for each function of the society) from MBA-3&4. BE/BSE/BCS-7&8, BBA-7&S (5 from each discipline)

  • Funds for extra curricular activities of students will be provided to each institute through Director Student Affairs.
  • The Patron-in-Chief’s for each society who offer guidance to the societies/clubs will be nominated by the Rector
  • The detailed SOP’s for selection of the office bearers/student faculty supervisors of different societies and clubs will be evolved with mutual discussions of the faculty, Dircctor of the Institute and Director Student Affairs. However, for the first year the DSA shall select the students/faculty supervisors of the societies/clubs in order to set the place of the said department.
  • Each society/ club will be having its Faculty Student Supervisor who will be coordinating directly with the Patron-in-Chief’s of respective societies, the Director BIM&CS and the DSA.
  • The Students Affairs Department Organogram with all disciplines is also attached as Annex- B.
  • DSA will be responsible to Rector for smooth functioning of Students Affairs.