Music Club
Last updated on July 2nd, 2022

Mission Statement:

“The music society at Bahria university is all about bringing new talent from back stage to upstage. In the three years of it’s formation, BU music club has done wonders at bringing numerous talented musicians and bands to the mainstream.

Besides all this, the music society also provides firsthand entertainment and musical sagas to the Campus and every now and then the students are provided with gigs, musical performances and events to ease out of their busy schedules and groove to the different genres of music. Our artists have been acclaimed and appreciated at the top music platforms in the country.”


• Exposing talent.

• Representation of the institute nationwide.

• Platform for musical experiments.

• Exposure to existing bands in the university.


Kumail Mashhadi
Ahmad Naeem Amna Zaheer Abdul Haseeb Tayyab
Furqan Ahmad Meraj Gichki
Rehan Ahmad