Community Support Program
Last updated on April 10th, 2021

Bahria University is dedicated to promote community service,civic engagement, and service-learning amongst the youth to make them socially responsible citizens in the society. the management of BU believes that service-learning has a positive effect on the personal development of students and it helps them acquire academic skills and knowledge by utilizing their resources and professional skills. as a step towards attaining this goal,every student in the undergraduate program of Bahria University is required to serve the community for 40 hours, any time during his/her entire degree programme.


Community work is being performed by the campuses and constituent units of Bahria University at their individual levels to benefit their students academically, professionally and personally to develop their civic and leadership skills.

CSP Activities

  1. June-August 2017
  2. September-December 2017
  3. January-April 2018
  4. April-May 2018

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CSP Hierarchy

M. Hamza Bilal Satti
Muhammad Fahad Khalid Sidra Jamal
Rabia Shakoor Sarosh Waqar Jawad Qudratullah Shahzaib Shahid