Results LUMUN’10
Category: literary and Debates Club, News December 3, 2010


1.)        Ahmed Safwan.

2.)        Arsalan Zaidi.

3.)        M. Ali Yawer.

4.)        M. Fahad.

5.)        M. Talha Ali.

6.)        Mehreen Arjumand.

7.)        Nadreen Khan.

8.)        Nida Mushtaq.

9.)        Sara Shakeel.

10.)       Farwah Iqbal.

11.)       Yasir Abbas. (Reserve)

12.)       Sana Iqbal. (Reserve)


  • Submit your Research reviews to your committee chair at their respective Id’s mentioned on the website.
  • Mail the copy of the research review to PO SRC (
  • The list is final, and not in order of precedence or performance in the trials.