Category: Past Events August 22, 2016

Dear Student,

Please accept heartiest felicitations from Bahria University Islamabad Campus on your selection as student in Fall – 2016 semester.

Bahria University is a multi-campus institution of higher education, 13000 local and foreign students are pursuing their educational careers in various disciplines.  We constantly monitor and upgrade our facilities and update the curricula to keep pace with emerging trends and technologies. We also provide career services, leadership development and similar programme for complete growth of our students.

We coordinate and provide facilities for exchange of knowledge and applied research in newly emerging fields in collaboration with national and international universities and research institutions. We offer benefits of intellectual challenges, natural skills and provide qualities needed for professional careers and enable our students to achieve full potential as individuals. In recognition of our efforts, Bahria University has been placed in the highest category W for ranking of universities in Pakistan by HEC Quality Assurance Committee.

We are confident that you will continue your high level of academic performance throughout your programme at Bahria University and with commitment to personal as well as educational growth, you will make a valuable contribution to this institution.

If your parents / guardians want to inquire about your progress in academics or discuss any other matter, they may visit respective Head of Department on Mondays and Thursdays between 1100 to 1200 hours.

Looking forward to meet you on orientation days scheduled on 01 and 02 September 2016 at Islamabad Campus. Please note that attending the Orientation Session is compulsory. Detailed programme is as follows.


Sr # Presentation Details Duration Time
1 National Anthem 05 Minutes 09:30 Am
2 Recitation of Holy Quran First six verses of Surah Alaq


05 Minutes 09:35 Am
3 Welcome address by the Pro-Rector / DG Campus Ø Words of advice and encouragement 05 Minutes 09:40 Am
4 Address by Director Campus Ø General introduction

Ø Introduction of HODs and Admin Staff

Ø Few words of advice

10 minutes 09:45 Am
5 University Documentary Ø Infomentary/ university overview 20 minutes 09:55 Am
6 DD (A&C) Ø Administrative Structure

Ø Student conduct/Discipline

Ø Security aspect

15 minutes 10: 15 Am
7 DD (Academics) Ø Latest rules & policies governing BU academics

Ø Policies regarding scholarships

15 minutes 10:30 Am
8 DD (FCP) Ø International linkages and its benefits to students.

Ø Opportunities of exchange programs

10 minutes 10:45 Am
9 Campus Librarian Ø Basic information on BU library and its facilities

Ø Rules and regulation of the libraries

10 minutes 11:05  Am
10 PO SRC Ø Nonacademic facilities including student club, societies and sports

Ø Community support program

10 minutes 11:10  Am
11 Tea Break Ø Building no. 1, Basement 30 minutes  
12 Departmental procedure by HODs Ø Emphasizing the rules and regulations within department

Ø Counseling and advice regarding polices

Ø Class rules and ethics

Ø Interdepartmental transfers and summer course

Ø Department Curriculum

Ø Departmental societies and activities

Ø Campus tour

Ø Rechecking documents, registration queries,  and handing over university information folder


Host: Miss Fizza Asif

01 September 2016: Management Sciences, Law, Media Studies, Social Sciences and Psychology.
02 September 2016: Engineering Sciences, Computer Science, IT & Earth and Environmental Sciences.

Documents to be handed over to the students:

  1. Student handbook.
  2. Academic calendar.
  3. List of key personal on campus.
  4. Bahria University campus Map.
  5. Application form for permanent ID Cards.
  6. Bahria University BUS route/schedule and routes of contract buses.
  7. Application for car/motor cycles parking stickers.
  8. Departmental broachers.
  9. Rules for library.
  10. Medical Performa and blood group slips.
  11. SRC newsletter/ Bugle.


You were issued the spicemen of undertaking with your fee slip. Please read this carefully, submit it on Rs. 10/20 Stamp paper to your concerned department on the day of orientation.


Your respective departments will provide you with the requisite course registration forms. Please fill in the same and return to your course coordinator after signatures.


Medical data of 50 students will be collected along with blood grouping. Medical examination of remaining students will be done class wise at a later stage.