PERN Facility
Last updated on March 12th, 2019

Pakistan Education & Research Network is the only research and education network of Pakistan which was launched in 2002. The purpose of this national research and education network is to provide communication infrastructure to the universities, institutions of higher learning and research organizations to meet their networking and internet requirements. The network has evolved significantly and is providing valuable services, like high-speed internet, audio/video conferencing, access to digital library resources.
PERN–Higher education commission of Pakistan (HEC) has facilitated Bahria University (both campuses) with access to PERN (Pakistan Education and Research Network), which connects premiere educational and research institutions of the country. PERN focuses on collaborative research, knowledge sharing, resource sharing, and distance learning by connecting people through the use of Intranet and Internet resources and currently provides the following services to universities:

  • Access to International Internet Bandwidth.
  • Access to over 11,000 Scientific Journals through  Digital Library.
  • Four or more public IP addresses for use by the university.
  • Broadband link to other universities.
  • Infrastructure for point-to-point videoconferencing.
  • Sharing of large-size data amongst universities.