Last modified on: May 19th, 2016
Last updated on May 19th, 2016
Group Name Research Areas Description
Computer Networks and Security Research Group Ad hoc networks, Wireless Sensor Networks, Multimedia Sensor networks, Wireless Personal Area Networks (ZigBee), Body Area Sensor Networks Computer Networks and Security group is aimed at developing architectures and protocols for the optimization of both wired and wireless network. It is especially focusing on latest low power wireless networks, standards and security aspects of these networks. Developing solutions for resource constrained networks ranging cross different layers of the network architecture has been the prime focus of our work.


 Knowledge Management Research Group  Knowledge Management, Total Quality Management, Critical Thinking  Interests of Knowledge Management Research Group falls at the cross roads of Management, Critical Thinking and Technology. Falling in the domain of qualitative stances and engulfing paradigm of critical studies, the group particularly is interested to explore the network orientation of the organization by exploring human and non-human objects. The linkage between the two creates a formidable body of literature falling within the post-structuralist purview and thought process.
Heuristic and Innovative Teaching Pedagogical trends Heuristic and Innovative Teaching (HIT) group has been formulated to research the latest pedagogical trends and to investigate opportunities to reform teaching practices.  The main objective of HIT is to plan and implement the integration pedagogical innovations with the existing teaching methodologies to improve learning experience of students.  It is expected that the integration will a conductive environment to engage both teachers and students to develop to the full extent of their abilities.