Dr. Muhammad Ramzan
Category: Faculty
Published on: January 2, 2015
Last updated on July 23rd, 2020
Personal Information
Name Dr. Muhammad Ramzan
Email mramzan@bahria.edu.pk
Phone 9260002 ext 1435
Research Area Wave Mechanics/Fluid Mechanics
Number of Publications Journals = 95

Conference = 5

Book /Book Chapter = 1

Designation Sr. Professor
Department Computer Science
University Bahria University Islamabad Campus
Degree Passing Year Majors University
Ph.D 2010 Wave Motion Quaid-i-Azam University, Pakistan
MS 1998 Business Administration Preston University, Pakistan
M.Sc 1992 Mathematics Punjab University, Pakistan
Teaching Experience
Designation From To Organization
Sr. Professor July 2018 Date Bahria University,
Islamabad, Pakistan
Professor 2016 July 2018 Bahria University,
Islamabad, Pakistan
2014 2016 Majmaah University, College of Science, Al-Zulfi, Saudi Arabia
Associate Professor 2010 2014 Mohammad Ali Jinnah University (MAJU),IslamabadPakistan
Associate Professor / Assistant Professor 2000 2010 Bahria University,
Islamabad, Pakistan


S. No.
1 Thermally stratified Darcy Forchheimer flow on a moving thin needle with homogeneous heterogeneous reactions and non-uniform heat source/sink, Applied Sciences, 10 (2020) 432
2 Numerical analysis of carbon nanotube-based nanofluid unsteady flow amid two rotating disks with hall current coatings and homogeneous–heterogeneous reactions, Coatings, 10(1) (2020) 168 (Impact factor 2.350)
3 Radiative MHD nanofluid flow over a moving thin needle with entropy generation in a porous medium with dust particles and hall current, Entropy, 22 (2020) 354 (Impact factor 2.419)
4 Solidification of PCM with nano powders inside a heat exchanger, Journal of Molecular Liquids, 306 (2020) 112892 (Impact factor 4.561)
5 Nanomaterial between two plates which are squeezed with impose magnetic force, Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, (2020) doi.org/10.1007/s10973-020-09619-6 (Impact factor 2.042)
6 Effects of chemical species and nonlinear thermal radiation with 3D Maxwell nanofluid flow with double stratification—an analytical solution, Entropy, 22 (2020) 453 (Impact factor 2.419)
7 Darcy-Forchheimer 3D Williamson nanofluid flow with generalized Fourier and Fick’s laws in a stratified medium, Bulletin of The Polish Academy 0f Sciences Technical Sciences, (2020) (Impact factor 1.277)
8 Unsteady MHD carbon nanotubes suspended nanofluid flow with thermal stratification and nonlinear thermal radiation, Accepted, AEJ- Alexandria Engineering Journal, 59(3) 1557-1566 (2020) (Impact factor 3.696)
9 Modeling of MHD hybrid nanofluid flow through permeable enclosure, International Journal of Modern Physics C, (2020) (Impact factor 1.153)
10 Onset of gyrotactic microorganisms in MHD Micropolar nanofluid flow with partial slip and double stratification, Journal of King Saud University – Science, doi.org/10.1016/j.jksus.2020.06.010
11 Ramzan, Muhammad, Asma Liaquet, Seifedine Kadry, Sungil Yu, Yunyoung Nam, and Dianchen Lu. “Impact of Second-Order Slip and Double Stratification Coatings on 3D MHD Williamson Nanofluid Flow with Cattaneo–Christov Heat Flux.” Coatings 9, no. 12 (2019): 849.
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13 Khan, Umair, Shafiq Ahmad, Muhammad Ramzan, Muhammad Suleman, Dianchen Lu, and Saba Inam. “Numerical Simulation of Darcy–Forchheimer 3D Unsteady Nanofluid Flow Comprising Carbon Nanotubes with Cattaneo–Christov Heat Flux and Velocity and Thermal Slip Conditions.” Processes 7, no. 10 (2019): 687.
14 Anjum, Naveed, Muhammad Suleman, Dianchen Lu, Ji-Huan He, and Muhammad Ramzan. “Numerical iteration for nonlinear oscillators by Elzaki transform.” Journal of Low Frequency Noise, Vibration and Active Control (2019): 1461348419873470.
15 Alshomrani, Ali Saleh, and Muhammad Ramzan. “Upshot of magnetic dipole on the flow of nanofluid along a stretched cylinder with gyrotactic microorganism in a stratified medium.” Physica Scripta (2019).
16 Li, Zhixiong, Ahmad Shafee, R. Kandasamy, M. Ramzan, and Qasem M. Al-Mdallal. “Nanoparticle transportation through a permeable duct with Joule heating influence.” Microsystem Technologies 25, no. 9 (2019): 3571-3580.
17 Ramzan, Muhammad, Hina Gul, and Mohsen Sheikholeslami. “Effect of second order slip condition on the flow of tangent hyperbolic fluid—A novel perception of Cattaneo–Christov heat flux.” Physica Scripta 94, no. 11 (2019): 115707.
18 Ramzan, Muhammad, Mutaz Mohammad, and Fares Howari. “Magnetized suspended carbon nanotubes based nanofluid flow with bio-convection and entropy generation past a vertical cone.” Scientific reports 9, no. 1 (2019): 1-15.
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Sr. #
1. 7th International Conference on Advanced Technologies (ICAT), Antalya, Turkey, April 28-May 1, (2018), Best Paper award.
2. 4th international conference on Technology, Engineering and Science (ICONTES), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, August 5-6, (2017), Best Presenter Award.
3. Presented a paper titled “Plane wave diffraction by an oscillating strip” as a Resource Person in Workshop on Advancements in Pure and Applied Mathematics” April 24-25, 2014, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Attock Campus, Department of Mathematics
4. Presented a paper titled “Acoustic diffraction by an oscillating strip” as a Resource Person in “International Workshop on Computational Methods in Mathematics” held on May 7 to 9, 2012 organized by OIC Standing Committee on Scientific and Technological, Islamabad.


Sr. #
1. Titled “Diffraction of Waves Application of Wiener-Hopf Technique in Various Scenarios” ISBN No. 978-3-639-24682-7, printed in USA.

Industrial Experience:

Sr. #
1. Duration      : 1994 to 2000
Institute       : Pakistan Navy
Location      : Pakistan
Department : Mathematics (Education Branch)
Position       : Lieutenant PN